For over 20 years Futures have used theatre as a means of engaging groups of women and marginalised young people. Our facilitators and associate artists deliver long term creative engagement programs with women, in partnership with different organisations across London. Futures are committed to using their experience in this area in order to continue vital work within the community.

“I have really enjoyed this experience in life. If only it could be more often, cos it really does matter in a mind that is lost in life. Brought me back to life, will be missed. Everybody needs somebody. Thanks”
Workshop participant, F.I.N.E, 2013


Over the three years of this project we are working in partnership with:

Trust Women’s Project (2015) – working directly with women who are working in or exiting street prostitution
Gaia Centre (2016) – working directly with women who have lived with violence
Beth Centre (2017) – working directly with women who are affected by the criminal justice system

With each group we will deliver 40 sessions over the year, working in association with different female artists. We will explore story, both the women’s personal stories (if they wish to share) and imagined stories for the future. The women we work with are often at a point of transition; creative sessions provide participants with a space to imagine this future and the confidence to move towards it. The focus is on re-empowering the women, who have incredible reserves of strength and resilience, reminding them of their greatness.




Futures worked collaboratively with different artists and writers to deliver an intensive series of creative workshops with women who were working in or had exited street based prostitution. The stories that emerged from these workshops inspired the script for F.I.N.E. The women who embarked on this journey with us joined for the whole process, attending the final readings and giving their thoughts for a piece on Woman’s Hour. This model of working creatively with women who have been marginalised forms the basis of our three year engagement project ‘An Alternative Life’. The women whose voices are so clearly heard in F.I.N.E are invited to continue working with us.

Associate artists:
Writer: Alice Birch
Poetry and Spoken Word: Sabrina Mahfouz
Photography: Matilda Egere-Cooper

“I enjoyed the group because it gave me a chance to do something fun. An opportunity to take time out of my life and relax and forget negative stuff.”
Workshop participant, F.I.N.E, 2013



Futures delivered a three year engagement programme, in residence at Spires in Lambeth, working one to one with women working in street based prostitution, or at risk. Over the course of this project Futures core staff planned and delivered bespoke programmes for all women who participated. We worked through movement, improvisation and creative writing. One to one working allowed us to build a supportive relationship with each woman, this creative exchange was at the heart of the project. We were able to track each individual’s journey over the three years and saw remarkable changes achieved in their lives.

Over the three years:
• ‏2 of the women exited street prostitution
• 4 of the women started undertaking volunteering training at Spires
• 3 of the women went in to employment
• 5 of the women started attending college
• 7 of the women began volunteering

Futures were weekly residents at Spires from 2010 – 2013.


Using our many years of experience in Forum Theatre techniques, Futures artists offer theatre based training to professionals working within the health and social care sectors. Click on the links below for more information on what we could offer you.

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