a cracked plaster sky


A new play by Kay Adshead

“I see three spheres in the sky,  
the sun, the moon and the earth.  
I recognize it from the photo,  
shining and
spinning so far away. 
And I think, well,  
if that is earth  
what is this? 
And it is then  
I finally realize.  
I am lost.” 


Inspired by real stories from women working in street prostitution, 'A Cracked Plaster Sky' tells the irreverent and, at moments, painfully amusing story of Grace, and the voice inside her head. A voice that, despite poverty, violence, imprisonment, estrangement and despair, won’t shut up.

Told over 70 years, the story strips to the bone, a fleshy raw life, and an entire generation and their dreams. It proposes a different way of being. It reveals other shining universes.


Emer Dineen
Janet Etuk
Victoria Falconer
William McGeough


dates and tickets


1 Clapham Common Northside, London, SW4 0QW

24 - 28 October 2017, 7.30pm