A new play from Sabrina Mahfouz and Hollie McNish

Heart thumping with oxygenised blood,
adrenalin flooding every little bit of me
and every little bit of me
is every little bit of the field in front of me.

It is 1881. It is 1921. It is 2017.
Four women from across the centuries live, breathe, and play football. Whilst each of them face very different obstacles in pursuing their dream profession, the possibility that the beautiful game will change their futures – and the world – is tantalisingly close.
Offside is told through lyrical dialogue, poetry, and punchy prose, placing the audience on the touchline of the game of a lifetime.


Jessica Butcher
Tanya-Loretta Dee
Daphne Kouma


Writers: Sabrina Mahfouz and Hollie McNish
Director and Originator: Caroline Bryant
Designer: Beth Oppenheim
Composer: Tom Adams
Movement Director: Diane Alison-Mitchell
Lighting Designer and Production Manager: Dylan Tate
Voice and Dialect Coach: Izo Fitzroy
Assistant Director: Sophie Ellerby Assistant Stage Manager: Ami Gaskin
Patchwork Maker and Costume Assistant: Atena Pou-Clavell
Video Designer: Megumi Okazaki

Tour Dates

11th March 2017: WOMEN OF THE WORLD, Southbank Centre
The Blue Room
SCRATCH performance: 11.30am
Ticket Office: 0207 960 4200
WOW Passes on sale now

24th & 25th March 2017: HARROGATE THEATRE
The Studio
Performances: Fri 7.45pm / Sat 2.45pm and 7.45pm
Ticket prices: Full: £12 / Concessions: £10
Box Office: 01423 502 116
Tickets on sale now!

27th & 28th March 2017: OMNIBUS, London
The Theatre
Performances: 7:30pm
Ticket prices: Full: £12 / Concessions: £10 / Groups of 6 or more = 10% off
Box Office: 020 7498 4699
Tickets on sale now!

30th March – 1st APRIL 2017: TRAVERSE THEATRE, Edinburgh
Traverse 2
Performances: 8pm
Ticket prices: Full: £16.50 / Standard concession: £13.50 / Other concession: £8.50
Box Office: 0131 228 1404
Tickets on sale now!

The Theatre
Performances: 7:30pm
Ticket prices: Full: £12.50 / Concessions: £11.25
Box Office: 023 9247 2700
Tickets on sale now!

7th & 8th April 2017: THE WARDROBE THEATRE, Bristol
The Theatre
Performances: 8pm
Ticket prices: £8
Box Office: 0117 902 0344
Tickets on sale now!

11th April 2017: THE MARLOWE THEATRE, Canterbury
The Studio
Performance: 8pm
Ticket prices: £12.50 full; £11.50 concessions; £10.50 Friends; £8 Discovery; £7.50 groups of 10+ and participants (of their creative classes); part of 3-for-2 offer
Box Office: 01227 787787
Tickets on sale now!

13th April 2017: CAST, Doncaster
Second Space
Performance: 7:45pm
Ticket prices: Full: £10.50 / Concessions: £9
Box Office: 01302 303 959
Tickets on sale now!

19th April 2017: CLIFFTOWN THEATRE & STUDIOS , Southend
The Theatre
Performance: 7.30pm
Ticket prices: Full: £12 / Concessions: £10 c / £8 East 15 Staff & Students
Box Office: 01702 328335
Tickets on sale now!

20th April 2017: THE NORTH WALL , Oxford
The Theatre
Performance: 8pm
Ticket prices: Full: £14 / Concessions: £12
Box Office: 01865 319450
Tickets on sale now!

21st-22nd April 2017: CONTACT , Manchester
The Studio
Performances: Fri 7.30pm / Sat 2pm and 7.30pm
Ticket prices: Full: £12 / Concessions: £8
Box Office: 0161 274 0600
Tickets on sale now!

24th April 2017: CAMBRIDGE JUNCTION, Cambridge
Performance: 7:30pm
Ticket prices: £12.50 and £8.00 concessions
Box Office: 01223 511 511
Tickets on sale now!

26th April: SOUTH SHIELDS LFC - in association with NORTHERN STAGE, Newcastle                                                                                                                                         Site specific performance
Performances: 3pm and 7:30pm
Ticket prices: £5
Box Office: 0191 230 5151
Tickets on sale now - available over the phone only!

27th – 29th April 2017: NORTHERN STAGE , Newcastle
Stage 2
Performances: 8pm
Ticket prices: Full: £15.50 / Concessions: £13.50
Box Office: 0191 230 5151
Tickets on sale now!

'Offside' Production Photography by Lidia Crisafulli

'Offside' Rehearsal Blog

Week Two – Sophie Ellerby, Assistant Director

The week came to a beautiful finale as ‘Offside’ took to a packed out Blue Room at the Women of the World festival on the Southbank. Caroline Bryant (Director) took the opportunity to share what we have been working on for the past two weeks. Lucky viewers got to see a glimpse of the magic – all London performances are now sold out! *Check out our other UK tour dates!* As the company took their bow I heard a woman behind me say to her daughter: “Of course, football is a metaphor for life”… A story of empowerment and determination, watching two women fighting to overcome self-doubt and society’s criticism of them noticeably resonated with the women in audience. Murmurs of agreement were made and tears were wiped from cheeks. It left me thinking… What white lines mark out the rules of my life? How can we work as a team to shift the goal posts and push towards positive change for women everywhere?

Two women who certainly moved the goal posts in their respective eras were Lily Parr and Carrie Boustead – two stories of real women who made history both on the pitch and for the female rights movement.

LILY PARR was the only woman to be awarded a place in the English Football Hall of Fame. In World War I, while working in Dick, Kerr & Co. munitions factory she organised a women’s football team, of which Parr was the stand out star. Parr fought against the FA ban in 1921 which forbade women playing football at any FA affiliated grounds on the count that it was not suitable for the female body. Openly lesbian, she later lived with her partner Mary and has become a LGBT rights icon. WHAT A DON!

CARRIE BOUSTEAD was a black woman living in Scotland in the 1880s. The first recorded black female footballer. She played in goal for Mrs Graham’s XI and the British Ladies Club. Along with Mrs Graham’s XI she was part of the rights for women, fighting for women’s votes and the ‘rational dress movement’, swapping dresses for pantaloons and a pair of football boots! She endured prejudice on the pitch but never gave up her dream of being in goal. POWER WOMAN!

Catch these incredibly inspiring women in ‘Offside’, touring the UK 24th of March to 29th of April 2017!

Week One – Sophie Ellerby, Assistant Director

The ‘Offside’ team were united for the first time on Monday! We’re an eclectic mix of people brought together by the unified goal of delivering a sterling show laced with heart, soul, sweat, and tears. ‘Offside’ is a stellar piece of theatre born into the world by writers Sabrina Mahfouz and Hollie McNish. Their empowering words tell a story of wonderful women who break boundaries and make history in their own right. All eyes are on striker Mickey Adolay, played by the fierce Tanya-Loretta Dee, and her nemesis Keeley left-foot Finnegan, played by the passionate Jessica Butcher. In the midst of their journey to be picked for the England team they are joined by many other characters in the form of coaches, managers, referees and journalists all of which are played by the joyous Daphne Kouma.

The three women have thrown themselves head first into the initial week of rehearsals with huge commitment and diligence. Caroline Bryant, Director, has set them a number of tasks in collaboration with the other creative members of the team working musically, physically, and vocally. From doing headers in the park, to singing ‘Three Lions on the Shirt’, I can say for sure this is a unique rehearsal room. Highlights from this week have to include discovering composer Tom Adam’s alter ego of Monster Fresh, creating thumping beats that invigorate us all with life, seeing the cast strike a ball for the first time with Kemoh Tarawali during football training, watching Diane Alison-Mitchell push the cast to explore the football physicality, but most of all my highlight has been watching the trio of women work together. They’re an inspirational trio, impeccably chosen by Caroline. They have brought such mutual respect, passion, and love to the process, it’s electric, and I have no doubt that come press night they will bang it in the back of the net! What a privilege to be a part of the journey.

This play is about so much more than football. It’s about sisterhood, determination, passion and fight. It has really sunk in this week how important this story really is. For women who have been and gone, who against all the odds history hasn’t let us forget, and for all the women who are yet to come. For women who have been told again and again to stay in their place. For women who have sacrificed so much to be the catalyst of change. For women who stand shoulder to shoulder with one another and won’t take no for an answer. We tell this story to inspire women everywhere, to remind them that if you have a dream or a passion you must follow it, no matter the cost, never settle for less, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Production generously supported by L. Michelle Franklin and PJ Kirby QC