Futures Theatre was established to create and produce work that puts women at the centre. Engaging with authentic female stories and developing partnerships with brilliant female artists we want to create theatre which ignites conversation and engenders change.

NEVER VERA BLUE is in Edinburgh!

Never Vera Blue is the second commission from Futures creative engagement project An Alternative Life 2015 – 2017. During 2016 Futures worked in partnership with The Gaia Centre in Lambeth, London, with a group of women who were all survivors of domestic abuse. Playwright Alexandra Wood was commissioned to work with the group throughout the year and write a play informed and inspired by their stories, experiences and resilience.

Never Vera Blue is produced in celebration of these extraordinary women.

Women who engaged in Futures’ project, An Alternative Life, produced a body of creative work (including a short film, songs and a podcast) which celebrated their own unique voices and challenged others to consider how they might better support those living with abuse. You can find examples of this body of work below.

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TOURING 29 October - 30 november 2018

A new play by Flair May