An ALternative Life

Over the three years of this project we are working in partnership with:

Trust Women’s Project (2015) – working directly with women who are working in or exiting street prostitution
Gaia Centre (2016) – working directly with women who have lived with violence
Beth Centre (2017) – working directly with women who are affected by the criminal justice system

With each group we will deliver 40 sessions over the year, working in association with different female artists. We will explore story, both the women’s personal stories (if they wish to share) and imagined stories for the future. The women we work with are often at a point of transition; creative sessions provide participants with a space to imagine this future and the confidence to move towards it. The focus is on re-empowering the women, who have incredible reserves of strength and resilience, reminding them of their greatness.

In 2016 we worked with a wonderful group of women at the Gaia Centre, part of Refuge. They created many pieces of fantastic art, including this film:

Over the year we worked with associate artists:
Alexandra Wood
Martyna Baker
Sabrina Mahfouz
Deanna Rodger
Lilian Henley
Marina Calderone
Libby Knowles

In 2015 we worked with an incredible group of women at Trust. Over the course of the year we worked with associate artists:
Martyna Baker
Kay Adshead
Deanna Rodger
Lilian Henley
Rebecca Johnson
Ani Laurie

Click here to read our external evaluation from 2015
The women who participated were generous, enthusiastic, and inspiring throughout the project. We produced music, poems and a short film supported by the exceptional artists above.

“I love the line of work we’re doing at the moment it takes me out my comfort zone but it somehow makes me feel at home.” Participant from 2015.